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I love you. Let's gather firewood.

We'll light a fire on the mountain.

TV Rec!
I'm having a lot of feelings about Stranger Things right now. Like, a lot of them. I'm six episodes in, out of eight (only eight! *cries*), and fuck, I'm so into this show.

stranger things promo

Seriously, I'm not even sure how someone could dislike this show. Maybe if you just can't do even mild horror, then yeah, steer clear of this one because it does have some scares in it. But other than that, it basically has something for everyone. It has horror, it has conspiracy, it has adventure, it has investigative work, it has coming-of-age elements of both the preteen and teenage varieties, it has really delightful and not at all cloying 80's nostalgia, and it has a bunch of really likable characters finding out how strong and brave they have it in them to be, with each other's help.

So anyway, if you're not watching Stranger Things already, OMG I RECOMMEND THE FUCK OUT OF IT.