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suuuper random, also hi
I've always liked Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. It's possibly even my favorite song of hers. But there was always this one line I could never hear properly. Whenever I would listen to the song I would get to that one bit and go "What is that line?" (You know that thing where the first time you listen to a song you hear a line wrong, and then that's the only way you can hear the lyric after that, even though you know it's not right? Yeah, that's what was happening with this line.) Yet for some reason I never remembered to google it.

And then last week I finally realized that the line I was missing is, "Want you in my rear window / Baby you're sick." And now I kind of can't believe I went like six years without knowing the best line of the whole song.

Especially because I'm a bit slow on the uptake, and I don't think I'd fully registered that the previous line, "I want your psycho / Your vertigo shtick," was a reference to the famous Hitchcock movies. I mean, I knew that Psycho and Vertigo were Hitchcock movies, and I guess I must have registered that the song was using them in part because of their connection to classic horror films. But "psycho" is a general enough word that it didn't really ping as a definite reference, and I guess I assumed Gaga was saying "vertigo stick" (as opposed to "shtick") - the former of which mostly just reads as nonsense words that sound good and are possibly also a penis reference. So the whole Hitchcock references/double entendres dynamic only really works when you bring in that third reference to Rear Window. And then all of a sudden it's like, well this is extremely clever.

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Hee! Joseph Gordon Levitt was also pleased with the Hitchcock references when he did a cover of this song :) You might enjoy it:

JGL cover of Bad Romance

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