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I love you. Let's gather firewood.

We'll light a fire on the mountain.

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But Gillian's hair doesn't even look that red, though. I could be wrong I guess, it might just be the light, but in the one picture we have of her new "red hair" it looks even less red than in IWTB. Which makes sense, because that is often what happens when you layer red hair dye over hair that's been dyed light blonde. That is, if you just kind of wing it with a box of hair dye. I would know. But like, who does the production put in charge of this stuff? Do they just tell Gillian to pick any old salon, walk in, and ask for red? DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND THAT SCULLY'S HAIR IS LIKE A VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF HER FIERCE AND INIMITABLE STRENGTH OF CHARACTER AND THAT THEY HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT?! DO THEY NOT THINK IT MATTERS?!!

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Yeah, maybe lighting it will bring out the red a bit more, but so far it looks strawberry blonde to me, which Scully was certainly not. :(

It's such an iconic part of her character

Exactly! I don't see how CC and Co. can fail to understand that.

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