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I love you. Let's gather firewood.

We'll light a fire on the mountain.

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Verdict: Age of Ultron
I just saw Age of Ultron in theater and liked it a lot. It was maybe not quite as good as the first one, but definitely a solid second effort. And I'm also pleased with it on a feminist front, which is a big relief after hearing about all the hate it's apparently been getting. Which, like, where is that even coming from? Could I have done with a bit less of the romantic angle? Sure, absolutely. But I don't feel that it was a betrayal of Natasha's character, and I don't feel that she was any less strong or competent for it throughout the movie. She fought in all the same battles as the other Avengers, she fought just as well, and ultimately she showed the most bravery out of all of them (IMO). Are people really mad that while Steve and Tony were chopping wood and bickering, Natasha was having a relationship talk? Oh please.

Anyway, I have way more thoughts about AOU, and perhaps I'll manage to pull a few of them together, but for now I just wanted to say that I liked it, and that I'm still impressed as ever by Joss Whedon's skill as a creator of film narratives. Furthermore, if this is a movie that's getting feminist outrage, then seriously? This is why we never get nice things. Because when the people who create stuff make nice things for us we just get angry that they're not The Perfect Social Justice Vehicle of Our Collective Dreams.

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Odd question but I'm very photosensitive and I can't watch previews or scenes like the ending montage with Natasha's voice over in Winter Soldier because the rapid scene changes turn the screen into a strobe light effect. So I've been trying to find out how flashy the action scenes are to decide if I can even watch this movie in theaters.

I don't tend to think about that sort of thing while I'm watching (and I've also never seen Winter Soldier) so I'm not really sure. I'd definitely say that the action scenes were very fast and there was lots of cutting around. So it's definitely a real possibility that it might be too much for you. But beyond that I really can't say. :(

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