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I love you. Let's gather firewood.

We'll light a fire on the mountain.

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Have CDs, will listen.

garage sale haul2 photo IMG_00012_zpstfdfbdz7.jpg


This post brought to you by the garage sales I went to this morning. I also got a bunch of lipsticks (unused, I swear) and sample-sized face products. And a spiffy pen, just 'cause.


I still say No Strings Attached was the best of the pre-millennial boy band albums though. 'N Sync all the way!!1!

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That is quite a haul. Go, you! I am pretty obsessed with finding the right shades of lipstick right now, at a time in my life when it couldn't matter less to anyone but me. I love gifts with purchase. I simply love getting tiny sizes of things to try. Every now and again, I find a winner.

I am pretty obsessed with finding the right shades of lipstick right now,

Oooh, yes, finding a good shade simplifies everything. It seems like finding good shades is easier for the young, though. My optimal shade range (which is fairly broad) has already shrunk from what it was when I was twenty. I used to get away with dark burgundies, but now they make me look tired. :( Still, I love lipstick, especially now that I've found a brand that works for me.

at a time in my life when it couldn't matter less to anyone but me.

Bravo for not letting that stop you, though! I think that's great.

I love gifts with purchase. I simply love getting tiny sizes of things to try.

Oh, me too! Whenever I go into The Bay (a massive department store downtown with a GLORIOUS beauty department) I just want to TRY EVERYTHING. Which sucks, because I'm a little bit of a guilty shopper - one of those people who feels bad if I hang around and try things without buying anything. I've gotten a lot better, but salespeople still make me feel pressured just by existing in my vicinity.

You know how some people are foodies? Well, I think I'm a stuffie - a person who just loves nice things. Particularly nice products that I can apply to some part of my body.

Every now and again, I find a winner.

Do you have any products that you particularly love?

On a semi-related topic, do you have a favorite perfume? I know from pinterest that you like perfume, and since I love perfume I'm curious which perfume(s) you favor.

Right now, I am not loving much, but I think that's because my skin has changed. In the past six months, I've gone from combination skin to normal, then to dry. None of my old products work and I'm still looking for replacements. I am happy with my skin care regimen again, so there's that. But makeup is tough. Most makeup is designed for younger people with normal to oily skin. I'm pretty happy with my current "tinted moisturizer" except for the fact that it's not very moisturizing. In other words, I'm still looking. Mascara is tough, too. My lashes have never been full, so I need it, but it's very hard to find mascara that doesn't smear as soon as I blink. I should use waterproof because it's more durable but I hate oily makeup remover.

Things I am currently loving. My favorite foundation is Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk. I just scored a free deluxe sample from Sephora. I might have to break down and buy some. I love Tarte's lip pencil in Nude, their lipstick in Rose is a great shade on me, and their blushers are fantastic, as are their pressed powders. Someone recommended their eye liner pencil so I'm giving that a whirl.

Perfume. Well, I collect it. I wear and love many different scents. My favorite of all time is Joy but I seem to have developed an allergy to it. If that's the truth, I'll probably decant it and give it away. I love Angel and Lolita Lempicka. I wear an old timey men's cologne called Original Stetson. Lord, it smells fantastic and it's dirt cheap. Lady Stetson smells great, too. I love Jo Malone's Lime Basil Mandarin, which is what I'm wearing today. Oh, and Estée Lauder's Beyond Paradise is a sublime floral. My newest acquisition is Love Don't Be Shy by Kilian, a fantastic vanilla-based perfume.

it's very hard to find mascara that doesn't smear as soon as I blink.

Huh. That's not a problem I've ever had with mascara, even the really cheap stuff. I wonder why that is.

My favorite foundation is Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk.

Mm, I've heard good things about that one from other sources as well. I think I'll have to check it out, now that I'm getting serious about upgrading some of my drugstore makeup to some higher end picks.

Perfume. Well, I collect it.

Hooray, me too! Though my collection is still pretty small: just eight so far (three of which I scooped, mostly full, from a thrift store, so they're not faves) - plus three lower-end ones.

My favorite of all time is Joy

Oooh, classy pick! I like how powerful it is. When I went in to The Bay department store to smell it for the first time, the sales guy instantly started trying to tell me that it wasn't the right scent for me. Because apparently being in my twenties means I'm not supposed to wear anything distinctive, powerful, or dignified. I'm supposed to smell like a sweet little forgettable dolly or something. Ugh. Admittedly, Joy is definitely best suited to a 40+ demographic, but so what? I don't need to be 40+ to appreciate a scent that makes you take it seriously.

I love Angel and Lolita Lempicka.

Lolita Lempicka was my first perfume! I've had it since my 15th birthday. I still haven't used up the bottle, but that's because I barely let myself use it for years, wanting to make it last. I use it now, though.

I love Jo Malone's Lime Basil Mandarin

I'm curious about this one now, but I don't think it's available anywhere in Vancouver. The Holt Renfrew website lists the Lime Basil Mandarin room spray, but not the cologne. :(

Oh, and Estée Lauder's Beyond Paradise is a sublime floral.

Yesss, I want this one. I often don't find floral scents terribly distinctive - to my not terribly sophisticated nose they just smell flowery in a semi-interchangeable sort of way. By contrast, BP is exactly the kind of distinctive floral scent I love.

By the way, if for any reason no one else in your life wants a decanted bottle of Joy, I would, obviously, be overjoyed to have it. And of course I would send you the postage costs. But I hope you're not actually allergic, particularly as it's your favorite. Mean Nature, let Wendy have her perfume in peace.

Wouldn't that be cruel? It would be ironic, too, since my husband loves it and he's not allergic to it the way he is to so many florals.

Joy was the first perfume, apart from what my parents wore, that I really imprinted on. There used to be a perfume shop on Main Street in Disneyland. I must have 12 or 13. I went there with two of my girlfriends and the man let us each have a dab. I knew then and there that I would have to have that perfume. Of course it was completely unaffordable, but it went on my wishlist. It makes perfect sense but it's still amusing that the sales associate told you it's for an over-forties demographic. I've loved it for so long, but I was probably in my late thirties when I got my first bottle. It's a heavy scent, definitely not for a girl, but I think a young woman of 20 could wear it.

I don't think it's you. I think white florals in particular do smell a lot alike. Beyond Paradise is different. It's on the exotic end of the floral spectrum without pushing past it into garish. Looking on the description, I'd say for me, it's the orchid and jasmin that are so compelling but I'd hardly call myself a sophisticated nose. I just know what I like. Estée Lauder is a fantastic company. They are not cutting edge but their quality is high and they're so affordable. Perfume for all!

I'm glad you're letting yourself wear your good perfume. I've got no regrets about wearing mine.

You enjoy tiny samples? I adore them. This is a great site but there are others: http://theperfumedcourt.com/
I've never bought from her but this is another site that's been recommended to me: http://theposhpeasant.com/
This thread lists many other options: http://www.basenotes.net/threads/244830

What's on your wish list for purchase? To check out?

So many scents, so little time.

EDIT: the mascara problem. It's my eye shape. I have hooded eyes to begin with and now that I'm 61, going on 62--they're a tad droopy now. LOL. I need to find a faster drying mascara.

Edited at 2015-05-07 04:02 pm (UTC)

It makes perfect sense but it's still amusing that the sales associate told you it's for an over-forties demographic.

Yeah, it seems to be a thing they do a lot at that particular store. Like, I come in specifically asking about one perfume, which you would think they'd take to mean that I already knew I liked it, but still they attempt to divert my attention to a "younger" scent. It happened when I went in to buy my bottle of Opium by YSL, which has been my favorite perfume for years. Then I was asking about Shalimar, and the woman all but criticized my taste in perfume because according to her I ought to be wearing something lighter and younger. I would just stop shopping there, but their selection is far better than at any other store I've been to.

You enjoy tiny samples? I adore them

I love tiny samples! Unfortunately, I'm very wary about buying online because between shipping and customs charges it can end up being a bad deal. (Seriously, buying online kind of sucks if you're not from the US. It has been known to make me rage. *g*) I know that the shipping and customs charges on a full-sized bottle of perfume from the states are usually about $25, but I'm not sure what the customs charges might be on numerous perfume samples, and the websites don't specify. I'll bookmark those sites you've suggested, though, and maybe I can give one a try sometime when I'm feeling flush. They do seem like a great idea, if only it weren't for the dreaded additional costs.

What's on your wish list for purchase? To check out?

I'm not sure I have anything I specifically want to check out right now, as I'm bad at planning that way. I tend to just smell things at random when I get the chance, see if anything strikes my fancy, then go back for swatches several times until I'm sure.

But the ones on my wish list are Shalimar, Beyond Paradise, Chance by Chanel, Michael by Michael Kors, and maybe Chanel No. 19 but I'm not totally sure on that one yet. It's a fairly diverse bunch.

Michael Kors seems to be the black sheep of the lot. That professional perfume nose, Luca something-or-other, likened it to "shrieking hairspray and cleaning products" or something like that. But I cannot be deterred! I wants it!

And oh god, my poor wallet, because I want the EDP in all of them. Not for reasons of scent preference, but because Vancouver's humidity is murder on longevity and sillage. EDTs just fade out twenty minutes after I leave the house. :(

ETA: Well dang. Apparently there are Canada-based perfume websites. I just had to get past my brain block and start specifying a little bit more. Durr.

Edited at 2015-05-07 07:54 pm (UTC)

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