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Oh god. I'm currently a quarter of the way through A River Without Banks by Chryse, and it is kicking my ass like I can't believe. Has anybody on my flist read it? Hug me please?

This fic.

This fic.

I can't even think of any other fics to compare it to. It's so dark and it's so far outside my usual comfort zones and OMG THE WARNINGS ARE THERE FOR A REASON PEOPLE, but I don't even care because JFC THIS FIC. I read the first six chapters this morning, and when I was done I literally put my head down and hugged myself for a few minutes, just trying to reel myself back in a little bit.

Every once in a while I'll come across a fic that is so good it makes me realize all over again exactly how good fanfic can truly be. So far, this is one of those fics. However, I am only a quarter of the way through. Let's see what the next 150,000 words are like. I am vaguely terrified to read them, and yet there's no doubt that I'm going to.

I need one of those "My body is ready" gifs right about now. Ah, there's one.

reichenbach body is read
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This fic. Just you wait- it gets even better. I filled out while it was being posted and now I want to read it again. So good. So intense. Sone parts hurt so much. It's a brilliant story.

and now I want to read it again.

It's definitely the kind of story that merits a second reading, what with how skillfully the various timelines are woven together and how much detail there is in every timeline.

Apparently I am a masochist, because I liked the first half of this fic - which covers all of the dark timelines - considerably more than the much happier second half, which I haven't quite finished yet. But it's still such an awesome read. Chryse handles every storyline she tackles so well.

So intense. Sone parts hurt so much.

Out of curiosity, do you remember which part of the fic you found the most painful?

I saw some people in the comment section debating between Ch 6 (Sherlock returns from Uzbekistan broken and ultimately kills himself) and Ch 12 (Mary is killed; John tells Sherlock he never wants to see him again; Sherlock accepts a suicide mission with MI-6). I seem to remember the author saying Ch 12 was harder for her, which I thought was interesting, as Ch 6 was definitely harder for me.

This would be such a great fic to discuss at a fanfic book club, if only our fandom had one.

I don't have the attention span right now to read anything heavy but I'm definitely bookmarking this for later. Thanks!

I hope you enjoy it if you do get around to checking it out.

Since I recced it, I feel I ought to mention that the "rape/non-con elements" tag is kind of misleading. "Elements" makes it sound like something that's maybe referred to, happens off screen to a secondary character, or almost happens but is ultimately prevented, and that's really not the case. A "violent rape of major character" tag would be a lot more accurate, IMO. Just in case that's a deal breaker for you.

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