I love you. Let's gather firewood.

We'll light a fire on the mountain.

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Vancouver, Canada
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adam duritz, annabel lyon, anne michaels, anorexia nervosa, asexuality, athesim, atlas shrugged, ayn rand, battlestar galactica, cameron baum, catch 22, compassion, counting crows, dagny taggart, damien rice, david berkeley, david duchovny, david gray, david sandstrom, dominique francon, don mckellar, dylan thomas, e.e.cummings, ernest hemingway, erotica, extremely loud/incredibly close, fanart, fandom, fanfic, fanvids, feminism, fight club, francesca lia block, fugitive pieces, gender differences, gillian anderson, how mythologies disseminate, humanism, internet culture, jane tennison, john connor, jon stewart, josh ritter,, liberality, literature, mad men, margaret atwood, mash, matthew good, matthew ryan, max evans, mulder, patrick jane, patrick lane, peggy olsen, peter pan, pride and prejudice movie, prime suspect, psychology, re:genesis, richard dawkins, sarah connor, sarah harmer, sarah slean, scully, shipping, smut, stephen colbert, supernatural, susan douglas, susan musgrave, t.s.eliot, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, the enneagram, the female eunuch, the golden mean, the grapes of wrath, the handmaid's tale, the hanged man, the killers, the matrix, the winter vault, the x-files, v for vendetta, war stories, wasted by marya hornbacher, weetzie bat
I'm an enneagramatic 5w6, an X-Phile, a very vehement little atheist/agnostic (depending on your definition of each), vaguely asexual, and a bit of a recluse. Your turn.
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