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I don't post for ages and then I post this nonsense, what even?
I admit, I was weirdly disappointed to learn that Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged. Like, I wasn't expecting to give a damn, and I kind of do, so it's weird. Upon reflection, I seem to have unintentionally constructed some kind of Benedict Cumberbatch headcanon in which Benedict is actually gay, and just not publically out. I also seem to have grown somewhat attached to that headcanon. To the point where I may have been casually waiting for it to be confirmed.* And yeah, there are probably a thousand and one things BC - the actual person - has said or done to suggest against it, but I mostly just follow BC's career and read the occasional interview; it's not like I was looking that hard. It wasn't even that I was shipping him with Martin. Well, maybe a little, deep down, just as a knee-jerk kind of thing. But I didn't seriously think anything was going on there, or was ever going to happen there (particularly because Amanda, but also because reality). It's just that my brain apparently decided to conflate, "Plays a character that I read (and read, and read) as gay," with "Is gay."


The perils of shipper bleed-over, everybody.

*Not that an actor's sexual orientation makes a difference to me in terms of how I value them/their skills, of course. It's just that I had this sort of story about the dude in my head for ages, and now it's toast, bludgeoned into a husk of a fiction by one sudden bit of celebrity news. Tis a sad day for fangirls: the golden age of unimpeded fangirling over the dude with the weird name has come to an end. Because whether you want them, or want to see them with someone else, it's never the same once they're married.

The Emmys - opinion post
I've been on vacation and barely online for the last three weeks. So, sorry if I've missed anything important going on in you guys' lives. I'll try to catch up...maybe...hopefully...at some point. Yeah.

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Random Crap
- How did I go my whole life without ever trying almond milk? I tried it yesterday and it blew my mind. It's like dessert, but good for you. I mean I actually had it for dessert last night. I thought it was going to be gross, like soy milk, which I HAAAATE with a passion, but instead it's like the polar opposite of soy milk. It's like milk infused with magic.

- Ugh, I'm jonesing for a Masters Of Sex fanmix so bad. But there's practically zero fandom activity for the show, and it's a really hard show to find fitting songs for.

- I got new glasses yesterday, after having had my old ones for five years or so. I was super excited about them when I picked them out, but once I actually got them I wondered why the heck I picked the ones I did, like, Why did I think I wanted to look like this all the time? I'm still fighting off the buyer's remorse. And trying to comfort myself with the reminder that I can still wear my old ones if I want to.

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Episode 2x03 of Masters Of Sex aired tonight, and having just finished it, I feel like I'm sitting here choking on how good it was. Prickling with how good it was.

There aren't many episodes of television as good as this one out there.

TV Rec

It's smart and it's funny and it's sad and it's gorgeous and it's hot, and Lizzy Caplan and Charlie(good lord that's a typo) MICHAEL Sheen (the leads) are GENIUSES who should win Emmys (even though Sheen wasn't nominated, damn it). Plus, as a feminist I appreciate it because the female characters are awesome and because it explores sexism and male privilege in the 50s, and because well over half the episodes in S1 were written by women and a quarter of them were directed by women and the show has a woman at the helm, which is pretty great in itself. So yeah. I rec it, I rec it hard.

Though don't watch it with your parents or children, unless you/they are completely impervious to graphic sex scenes. You've been warned.

Also, thanks go to badforthefish, whose rec got me watching this.

ETA: Oh, here, see, Buzzfeed knows why you should watch this show! They got this covered.

Okay, ouch. I went to the gym on Monday for the first time in ages, and did some circuit training, which means that I basically worked every puny, neglected muscle group I've got. And then yesterday evening, just as I was starting to get really sore, I suddenly caught cold. So now all my nerves feel three times more sensitive than usual because I'm sick, and meanwhile EVERYTHING HURTS. Pressing the pump on my hand lotion causes me pain right now. I would laugh at myself, but it would hurt too much. Plus my mood has been all over the place, and I inexplicably couldn't sleep a wink last night.

Basically, I've been an absurdly woebegone creature today. I think I'm just gonna curl up, watch an escapist movie, and try not to fall asleep for another couple of hours.

ETA: I just tried to find a picture of a woebegone creature to represent me, and I ended up looking at pictures of cats having baths for twenty minutes. I feel slightly better now; pictures of cats having baths are the best. Poor bedraggled beasts.

Book Meme
Pilfered from like five different people on my flist. I skipped the questions if I didn't understand them, or they were not applicable to me, or my answers were really boring.

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55 - in which there is meta
In which I rant about the whole 'No Homo' shtick, Due South gets unfairly featured in my rant, and there are two somewhat inadvertent vid recsCollapse )

I Was Wrong
I doubt anyone really remembers this or gives a damn, but what the hell...

Trigger warning for extremely vague discussion (closer to a mention) of a well known rape caseCollapse )

I just found out I'm iron deficient. According to my doctor my iron level is about a quarter of what it should be. I'm actually really happy about this, because it's something that can be treated fairly easily. Maybe then I won't have to sleep ten hours a night to feel rested, or wear two sweaters indoors just to feel warm. That would be incredibly nice.

I think one of the curses of being mentally unwell is that you're constantly wondering if you feel like hell because there's actually something wrong with your physical health, or if you feel like hell simply because you're mentally unwell. Like, am I tired all the time because I'm kind of depressed and would actually just like to stay in bed most of the day? Or am I tired all the time because I have an iron deficiency? It can be hard to tell, especially since you're already busy wondering if you're genuinely and unavoidably depressed, or if it's something you could shake off if you were less lazy and self-defeating. So the question ends up being, "Am I tired all the time because I'm lazy and self-defeating, or because I'm genuinely depressed, or a bit of both--like I could be dealing with it a lot better but I actually am genuinely depressed, or maybe I have an iron deficiency, or maybe all three?" And usually somewhere in there you make the barely-conscious decision that you're too lazy, self-defeating, and/or depressed to go to the clinic and have your blood work done.

But I did have my blood work done, finally, and it turns out I have an iron deficiency after all! Hooray!

Side note: Do you realize that if you spell "liver" backwards, it has the word "evil" in it? Or that if you add an 'e' to the end of liver spelled backwards it makes "revile"? I feel the universe is secretly commiserating with me on this. Also, "onion" spelled backwards is "no I no." So basically, liver and onion is an evil dish, and one should refuse to consume it. *nods* Seems like a pretty clear message to me. On the other hand, if I want to wear a t-shirt without shivering, ever again, there is going to be a fair amount of liver in my future. :(

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