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The Empty Hearse - reaction post
Well, I finally watched The Empty Hearse tonight!

This is just a reaction post so there aren't any spoilers, but if you liked the episode you might want to skip this because I really didn't like it at all, and I have no desire to rain viciously on anyone's parade.Collapse )

I waited days and days and days (seriously, like three whole days!) for a new holmesian_news update, and when it finally came, the only new fic was one in which John and Sherlock fuck other people. What happened to us, fandom? I though you understood my needs.

On another note that is not in any way related to the above statement even a little, I've been thinking a lot about fan privilege lately; the way as fans we come to expect certain things of our fandoms based on who we ship, who our favorite characters are, etc. For example, the way that a johnlock shipper may feel personally blighted by non-johnlock fanfic - as though non-johnlock fanfic were written specifically for the purpose of annoying johnlock shippers, and not for any number of other perfectly valid and far more plausible reasons.

Not that, um- not that I would know anything...about...that. *coughs uncomfortably*

Between Sherlock S3, the breakup with my friend, and a bout of serious Circadian rhythm fail in January, the first couple months of 2014 got off to a wobbly start. Which may partially account for my general absence from LJ. I'm definitely still working through my S3 feelings, and my friendship-breakup feelings, but I'm content to be "getting over it." My psyche's got a couple of knots to work over now, and I'm fine with that. And I'm sleeping much better hours than I have in years, which is incredibly nice.

I've also reading quite a few books lately. Currently I'm reading American Pastoral by Philip Roth (meh), The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen (meh), and The Virgin in the Garden by AS Byatt (yay!). Before that I was reading The Little Black Book of Stories by AS Byatt (not bad), The Little Friend by Donna Tartt (pretty good), and Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (pretty good). I have Things To Say about all of them, but I'll probably never get around to actually talking about any of them (ugh, I am horrible). But if anyone on my flist has read any of these and feels inclined to comment on them, even if it's just "I LOVE that book" or "I HATE that book," I would totally be interested in hearing your opinion(s).

Some random stuff I've been thinking about lately (now with ridiculous lj-cut titles! (I just missed this place, okay, and it's making me a dork)):

Kidlock Holmes and the Case of the Very Short PantsCollapse )
John Watson and the Case of the Russian Playwright's GunCollapse )
Fanfic and the Case of the Overly Particular ReaderCollapse )
Martin Freeman and the Case of--'Shit, Why Did He Have to Say That?'Collapse )
Fandom Cage Match and the Case of the Bias No One is Talking AboutCollapse )


It's snowing! It's snowing!

 photo snowing-small_zpsdbdfc019.jpg

Of course, this in Vancouver we're talking about, which means that by tomorrow all the snow will have melted and we'll be ankle deep in miserable slush. But for now: HOORAY, SNOW!


I want to thank everyone who comment on my last post. What happened was that the restaurant we were planning on going to turned out to be considerably more expensive than we thought, so we never went. But I've written myself a list of all you guys' suggestions, and I'm hoping to find a decent buffet-style Indian restaurant so I can try them all.

Food Question: What would you consider a "must try" dish to order in an Indian restaurant? I haven't eaten a lot of Indian food, but there's a new Indian restaurant in my neighborhood and Dad and I are planning to try it out. I'm pretty sure we're going to order the butter chicken, because I love butter chicken, even though it's not the least bit adventurous, and naan is pretty much a given. But we'll still need a second dish, plus we might get some kind of a side or appetizer. Any recommendations?

Daily Happiness:

1. Drinking a giant mug of mint hot chocolate while I type this post. I had one of those days where everything went wrong in small, annoying ways. Once I got home, I thought I would have some hot chocolate, and it turned out there was just enough hot chocolate mix left for one cup, which made me feel a bit less like I was being persecuted by the universe. Plus, I have mint because of the baking I've been doing. Plus this mug is ENORMOUS. Seriously, it's 24oz; it's freaking huge, and awesome, and I can warm my hands on it without my fingers overlapping at all.

2. I wore trousers today (black with pinstripes) and it didn't suck. I never wear trousers, mainly because they never fit me right. In fact, trousers fit me so badly that even though these ones seemed to fit when I tried them on in the store, I was still convinced they would be uncomfortable once I got them home and actually tried to wear them for a full day. So I'd had them for months and never worn them, until today, when I discovered that they fit quite well. I even felt a bit posh, actually. Plus they have pockets. And not stupid fake pockets, or those annoying slit pockets that open parallel to the waistband and which you have to fight to get your fingers into, but actual proper, useful pockets.

3. The look of terror my father gave me when I said "There should be plenty of ice cream left, I've only had one bowl" just as he opened the carton to reveal that it was 3/4 empty. He immediately started backing away from me, saying in a pleading voice "I thought you were eating it too!" I made strangling motions. Then I stuck my jammy spoon on his nose.

You guys, I just found my headcanon Mummy Holmes, and she is glorious. Yes, I know canon is against me on this one, but I've survived the last two weeks on a hearty diet of Fuck Canon and I'm not about to stop now. Additionally, I've always quite liked the popular Helen Mirren fan casting, because Helen Mirren is incredibly awesome (and would obviously play the part magnificently). Still, she never quite fit my image of Mummy Holmes. Fan casting isn't usually about who would play the role best, anyway, but about who you picture in your head when you imagine the character. Then I saw Linda Rodin (an acclaimed fashion stylist) in an advert for Karen Walker sunglasses and went, Hang on a minute. Oh my god, she's perfect.

Every time I do a post with a picture I always think I can get away with not using a cut, and I'm always wrong.Collapse )

In 99% of the photographs I could find of her she's wearing funky sunglasses and a chicly peculiar outfit, which is delightful in its own right, but not very Mummy Holmes-ish. This was the most stylistically Holmesian photo I could find, and even here I imagine Mummy would tend to be rather more severe and formal in her attire, but whatever. This is who I picture in my head whenever I'm reading fanfic that features the fearsome and revered Mummy Holmes. Well...maybe not Rodin exactly, but she's as close as it gets. You know how it is.

I did change one thing, though: Linda Rodin's eyes are actually brown.

I feel like my journal and I could use some positivity right now, so I think I'm going to do a few of those "Three Good Things" posts over the next little while. I'm snagging the idea from idella, whose been doing her own Daily Happiness Meme quite faithfully for the last couple of weeks. I've been enjoying reading about her daily happinesses, and so I'm going to jot out a few of my own. Probably not a whole months worth, and probably not everyday. Just sometimes.

1. The Children's Book by AS Byatt. I just finished it, so actually I'm a little sad, but it's that very particular, good kind of sadness which comes with finishing a book you really loved reading. I'm stealing from someone on Goodreads when I say The Children's Book is "both devastating and whimsical" (though whimsical is too light a word, really; TCB feels almost arcane somehow). It is a subtle, complex tapestry of a novel that draws you in with its cerebral, almost dusty charm and then holds you captivated with the strange and moving surety of its prose. As a novel it impresses me in a way that's thorough and unshakable, which made it a joy to take a long time over. I had read Possession several years ago, and liked it, but pessimistically I worried that Possession would prove to be Byatt's best work. As it turns out, I was completely wrong; in the nearly two decades between Possession and The Children's Book, Byatt's writing seems only to have become an order of magnitude more deft.

2. The furry leopard print boot slippers I got just before Christmas. Having never really been a slipper person, I had this idea that slippers were ugly, ratty, frumpy things by their very nature. But I'm always cold, so mid-December I finally broke down and bought myself a pair, and OMG I LOVE THEM MADLY. My feet are no longer always cold, the slippers don't flop around and fall off my feet annoyingly (because they're boots), and I got them at La Senza so I don't associate them with anything ugly, ratty, or frumpy.

3. Bootjacks! I didn't know we owned one and I'd certainly never used one before, but for Christmas I got a pair of knee-high leather boots, sans zip, and they were being difficult to pull off. Dad brought out the bootjack we've apparently had since forever, and I kind of gave it the side-eye, not thinking it really looked like something that would be much help. I was SO wrong; it is a wonder of human ingenuity!

Hmm, uh-oh, both #2 and #3 are about footwear. That makes me seem a bit shoe obsessed. *looks shifty*

I haven't watched either TEH or TSOT yet, though I have watched some YouTube clips from both episodes, and read quite a few spoilers.

WARNING: lots of spoilers, and LOTS of negativity under the cuts.

mood and tone, etc.Collapse )

characterizationCollapse )

the casesCollapse )

maryCollapse )

the reason TSOT is titled TSOTCollapse )

I think I need to go outside and listen to the rain for a while. It's really coming down right now, which I'm finding sorta calming at the moment.

ETA: In addition to noisy rain, this article (which also contains spoilers) helped my mood a bit. Whatever else, I still love the fandom.

I wish we could all ignore Season 3 and keep on just as we are. Just as though the show had ended with The Fall.

For all my previous pessimism, I didn't quite know that's how I felt until this evening. I was sitting at the kitchen table, thinking about how The Empty Hearse would soon be airing in Britain, and feeling not excitement but loss. Feeling lost. Feeling as though the platform on which I base my fannishness was crumbling and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. And then I understood that my feelings about season 3 aren't complicated at all. I don't want a season 3. I'd rather keep the story just as it's been in my mind for the last two years. I'd rather not have any more, if it means I get to keep what I have.

But I don't get to.

That's all.

Many Happy Returns Review
I want to get down my thoughts about Many Happy Returns now, before season 3 airs. So I kinda rushed this a little, and it doesn't have an intro or anything. I'm starting to think that writing out my thoughts about MHR is my way of attempting to make peace with the fact that S3 is going to happen. Anyway, on to the review (which I have divided into parts because the whole thing is kinda long)!

The Anderson Segment - Pros:Collapse )

The Anderson Segment - Cons:Collapse )

Sherlock Solves Crimes Internationally:Collapse )

The Anderson Segment and the Sally Donovan Issue:Collapse )

The John Segment - Cons:Collapse )

The John Segment - Pros:Collapse )

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